Podcast: Vietnam's leading BNPL service, Fundiin's CEO and Co-Founder, Nguyen Anh Cuong

June 10, 2021

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Nguyễn Ảnh Cường, CEO and Co-Founder, of Fundiin, joins podcast host Ruby Nguyễn on Vietcetera's Vietnam Innovators, an emerging podcast about the country's growing economic might, to discuss the ups and downs in the early years of Fundiin, finding the right product for the market, strategies to scale and many more.

Listen to Nguyễn Ảnh Cường's inspiring story that led to Fundiin, the core tech behind the app, and how Fundiin emerged as Vietnam's leading Buy-now-pay-later service provider.

About Fundiin

Fundiin is a leading Buy-now-pay-later service provider, helping retail merchants increase conversion, average order value, and customer base by allowing their customers to buy now, get now, and pay later via 3 interest-free monthly installments with the best user experience.

For more information visit: https://fundiin.vn