Fintech is complex.
Focus is a good thing.

About Us

1982 Ventures is a Singapore based VC firm focused on investing in early stage fintech start-ups in Southeast Asia. We have experience leading and executing fintech deals in the region. Our focus makes us the first port of call for fintech founders and first money in. Our local networks provide us exclusive deal flow, on-the-ground insights and access to decision makers.

1982 Ventures is investing in and supporting the best founders to positively impact the future of financial services in Southeast Asia.

The Opportunity

Fintech is just getting started in Southeast Asia with half a billion customers waiting for financial services. The sector’s promise is underpinned by Southeast Asia’s growth story of continued strong economic growth, large and growing middle class population and rapid tech adoption. In recent years, over 100 million citizens in the region including Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam have come online.

What is clear to 1982 Ventures:

Financial services needs to catch-up to provide access to the underserved
Fintech will transform hundreds of millions of lives in the region
The Southeast Asian digital economy needs fintech to keep growing

The Time is Now


Half of Southeast Asia population is urban


Credit card penetration among lowest in the world*


Number of internet users in Southeast Asia


People of Southeast Asia is under the age of 40


People of Indonesian internet users buy online


unmet demand for SME credit (USD)

*This figure represents Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam and may be lower in an individual market.

How We Help

We listen to founders and focus our support on the most impactful areas.

“Added significant value helping us create our business strategy and tell our story in the best way.”
“One of our biggest supporters in the market and has led to increased credibility with potential customers and investors.”
“Their team helped us institutionalize to attract international investors.”
“Always available and ready to support us.”