Managing a Specialist Fund and the Power of Going Deep

December 9, 2020

Listen to a candid conversation on the Southeast Asia fintech scene, running a specialised venture firm, the role of banks in fintech, neobanks and the verticalization of banking.

Herston Powers, Managing Partner, of 1982 Ventures joined Mo Jalil on the Venture with Mo podcast to explore a wide range of venture capital topics.  Venture with Mo is a show exploring the business and capital behind venture, technology and building the future.

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  • The formation of 1982 Ventures
  • 1982 Ventures investment thesis
  • Specialist funds and the power of going deep into a vertical
  • The growth and opportunity in fintech
  • What are Neobanks
  • Thoughts on banking, payments and e-wallets
  • Upstream capital and the future of Corporate VC in Singapore for fintech